Announcing Co-Grow Editor, Mary Planding

    Posted by Peter Caputa on Sep 28, 2012 8:39:00 AM

    I have a confession to make: It's been 1 Month, 7 days and 3 hours since... my last blog post. Forgive me blogfather, for I have... (That's enough. Sorry if you are a Catholic.)

    I'm excited to announce that I've hired Mary Planding to be the editor of the group blog for Co-Grow. 10 marketing agencies have agreed to become members of the Collaborative Growth Network. 20+ others have expressed interest. I'll be streamlining the signup process and officially signing up these agencies in the coming weeks. Before I signed people up officially and they started paying for membership, I wanted to ensure I had someone to [wo]man the blog. Mary will be doing that. Each member will be submitting one blog post per month and Mary will edit and schedule the posts for my approval. It'll be her job to make sure we have a steady flow of content. As we add more marketing agency members, she'll do more scheduling and editing. 

    Mary has been a HubSpot partner for 7 months, has gone through our onboarding process and become an expert at inbound marketing, as you can see from her site, Inbound Marketing Squad.  She wrote an article about inbound networking that explained the concept better than I had. She's also been out talking to small business owners about inbound networking and has formed a group of her own. She's been a consistent attendee on my weekly inbound networking calls and I've been impressed with her clear communication skills, both verbally and in written form. I enjoy reading her blog as I believe she breaks down complex stuff into simple terms. When I suggested that I was going to hire an editor, she wrote a well thought out email about why it should be her. When she started quizzing me about the editor role's job, I realized she was thinking about important "editor-type" stuff that I hadn't even thought about.

    Please welcome Mary Planding as editor of Co-Grow. You can read more about her, follow her on Twitter or connect with her on Linkedin.  She and I will be in touch soon with our inaugural members and we'll get the content flowing in October. 

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