"25% of Ad Agency People Don't Like Advertising." 75% Pretending to Like It?

    Posted by Peter Caputa on Jun 20, 2012 8:54:00 AM

    Douglas Burdett pointed me to a great article with data about why ad agency employees quit.

    In a survey conducted by the 4As and Deutsch, the data "revealed 25 percent of the respondents confessed that they don’t love advertising."

    This video - very entertainingly - shows how ad agency people are frustrated that they don't get to be creative anymore. Ad agency employees are frustrated that there are too many layers of decision making and too many people with opinions about their creative ideas.

    The article goes on to suggest some things that agencies could do to retain employees:

    1. Adopt a start-up culture
    2. Put money into R&D
    3. Work in smaller teams
    4. Teach employees new things
    5. Support side projects

    What do you think? Will these things save ad agencies? If agencies adopted these things, do you think employees would continue to focus on traditional interruptive advertising? Or would they adapt their service offerings based on what consumers actually want? Would they deliver permission based inbound marketing? Would they help clients create educational content? Would they sell value first and creative second? Would they figure out how to get companies to collaborate via inbound networking?

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