Are You a Luddite Idiot Who Still Cold Calls All Day?

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Sep 22, 2008 12:57:00 PM

    There was some very colorful non productive banter in my recent blog article, Cold Calling is 280% More Effective than Inbound Marketing.

    In short, someone called me conceited for writing the post the way I did:

    I should be able to stop here and have you see why I called your post sophomoric, but in case you don't yet understand I'll add a little more here.

    Consider your statement "I talked to 3 people today who have a decent sized sales team who spend their entire day cold calling. Yes. Cold Calling. All day."

    You seem to think you have it all figured out because you know what works for one little corner of the world. You don't yet understand that there might be a lot of reasons that things are done a certain way. The sales manager at these companies that you mention might be luddite idiots -- or you might be the carpenter who thinks the solution to any problem is a hammer. In any case, you can't deny that there was conceit and arrogance in your statement "...who spend their entire day cold calling. Yes. Cold Calling. All day."

    HubSpot, in our quest to make people feel really bad for relying on cold calling to build their sales funnel, has filmed a slightly more humourous and less insulting way of getting the point across: 

    I fully expect my sales training development expert readers to have some constructive and thoughtful feedback.
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