Business Advice from Dave Kurlan

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Jul 2, 2008 6:16:00 AM

    I'm starting a business advice interview series, mostly small and mid sized business owners, who are willing to share some advice with my readers.

    Business Advice from Dave Kurlan:

    1. When & why did you start your current business? Sales development was a calling - destiny - what I simply must do in this lifetime.
    2. What was the smartest business decision you've made in your current business?  A 1992 decision to have PENTA Communications handle marketing and public relations.  By 1994 I was playing to national audiences.
    3. What do you like most about internet marketing?  Internet marketing includes writing, blogging, emailing, connecting and reading... activities that I enjoy but don't have any time for during regular business hours when the greatest impact I can have on my business takes the forms of selling, managing, coaching or training. That forces me to perform internet marketing either at night or early in the morning, where it doesn't interfere with the more profitable activities.  I don't have time to conduct traditional marketing activities during the day and they can't be performed outside of regular business hours so the intersection of after hours availability and internet marketing make a nice couple.
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