Sales Force Evaluations - Why Your Company Needs to Use Them.

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Feb 15, 2008 5:29:00 PM

    I spent some time this past week helping out Dave Kurlan with his search engine optimization. Dave runs two successful companies. One was named to the Inc 5000 this year: Objective Management Group. The other (Dave Kurlan & Associates) was where I learned what I know about sales.

    Dave is a guru on the subject of sales force development even among the sales development experts in the world. He's an expert among experts. 

    Using HubSpot, I helped Dave identify some new keywords he should target in his search engine optimization efforts, as well as improve the prominence of his calls to action, with the goal of improving his already strong traffic and visitor to lead conversion rates.  Since he's a world reknowned expert and has a strong following in the blogosphere among sales develoment experts, his website is prominent in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for a lot of relevant phrases related to sales force management.

    At WhizSpark, I helped Dave market a handful of webinars for OMG and Rick Roberge and I teamed up on a local seminar for DKA. So, I've known Dave for a few years now. Dave was a successful HubSpot internet marketing client well before I joined HubSpot.

    However, for a bunch of reasons, I figured it made sense for Dave to be a PC4Media member. The most important one was that I know my other clients would benefit from reading what he writes and from the services he provides. Dave is also a successful blogger and many of my clients who are just starting with blogging could benefit from seeing how he does it. So, as a start, I've launched a page under the PC4Media business directory that talks about OMG's sales assessments, as well as syndicates Dave's last few blog posts. I'm happy Dave has agreed.

    Before I hired DKA to improve (err establish) my sales skills, I took the OMG sales assessment test to determine what my sales competencies and sales weaknesses were. It informed me and Rick what challenges I needed to overcome.

    If you run a sales force and you don't use OMG's sales assessment tools, you're most likely making a lot of mistakes in your sales person recruiting and hiring process. If you run a sales force, and you never had your people evaluated, you should hire Dave to do a sales force evaluation to determine how to increase sales.  

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