What do clients want from your marketing agency?

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Aug 27, 2014 1:53:00 PM

    I'm sitting next to one of my sales reps. She is talking to a prospective marketing agency partner. 

    She's talking about delivering ROI to clients. They asked, "But how do we know what clients want?" She said, "We ask them." They say, "But sometimes, they want to talk about impressions and rankings. So, that's where we focus" She said, "In my experience, companies care about revenue even when they say that they care about other metrics." 

    To most people, that'd sound like a silly conversation to have unless you know that most agencies don't know a) how to help clients generate new customers and more revenue from existing ones b) know how to measure their impact on revenue directly. I even had someone tell me the other day that their clients are unwilling to share that information with them. I explained that we sell that as a feature; and strong agencies do too. 

    Is your agency still guessing the impact of your work? 

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