The Worst Word in the English Language

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Jun 16, 2014 9:08:11 AM

    There is one word that you should never use when someone asks you a question. 

    It's "sure". Why? People often use this in response to requests. If the request came over email or chat, you shouldn't ever say "sure". 

    Here's different ways that I (and I think a lot of other people) interpret it. 

    1. It means you don't care. You don't really care about what they're asking you. 
    2. You don't actually agree or want to do what they're suggesting. You're accommodating the person asking, but you're unhappy about it. 
    3. You're not really saying "yes", even though you are. You're just flat out lying. What you really mean is "no". 

    Other ways to handle a request instead of using "sure". 

    1. Say "no" if you mean "no". 
    2. Say "yes" if you mean "yes".
    3. Start by asking a question. Why do you ask? Why is that important to you? 
    4. Disagree. If you don't agree, just tell the person. Make them explain themselves so that you're satisfied.

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