You Could Piece Together HubSpot If You Wanted to

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Mar 21, 2014 10:35:04 AM

    You should totally go do that. Go piece it together. Here's some advice on how to piece it together from Lance Cummings

    Now, before you roll your eyes at me and tell me that I could accomplish the same thing with a bunch of much cheaper tools from around the internet, just take a deep breath and let me explain. This statement is the equivalent of saying that instead of buying a Toyota Tundra, you can really accomplish the same thing with sheet metal, a set of wheels, and a couple of leather bucket seats. Could you feasibly build your own truck? Absolutely. But only a select few would have the know-how and patience to make it happen. And even then, there would always be annoying issues that just somehow make it not quite right. That’s how it feels to piece marketing software together: tedious, time-consuming, and annoying. And it only serves to distance you from your website, not connect you more fully.

    Piecing together marketing software sounds really smart after reading that, ha? 

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