Why Your Blog Traffic Isn't Converting into New Business

    Posted by Peter Caputa on Jan 2, 2013 8:14:00 AM

    There is a great discussion going on in the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Agency forum about whether companies are turning their blogging traffic into new business.  Todd Giannattasio (@tresnicmedia) from Tresnic Media started the conversation by sharing the results of his '50 blog posts in 25 days' article.  Just like I shared the other day in my 'blogging frequency increases traffic' post, his experiment resulted in increased traffic too. Very few agencies will argue with this fact; there's lots of data that shows the correlation between blogging frequency and traffic growth.

    In Todd's article, he talks about the 'harder to measure' benefits of increased blogging frequency including:

    1. Getting referrals from people he meets through his blogging activity.
    2. Sharing content during his sales process to help educate a prospect and move them further down the funnel towards buying.
    3. Using blog posts to answer customer service questions.

    All great stuff. However, many companies - who step on the blogging gas pedal - expect a more measurable and predictable way to scale sales from their increased blogging efforts. In my post, "Why You are Failing at Inbound Marketing", I detailed what many companies have done in order to turn inbound leads into sales.

    What have you done to turn your traffic into sales?

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