Twitter for Salespeople

    Posted by Peter Caputa on Dec 8, 2012 9:11:00 AM

    I recently taught a portion of my salesteam how to use Twitter effectively for their job. Even though our marketing team members are masters at Twitter, most of our sales team scoffs at the idea of using Twitter to help them do their jobs. In fact, we often joke by saying "Are you on the Twitters?" when talking to each other.

    For me, though, the reality is that it's been huge at helping me connect with prospects, build credibility and strengthen relationships with partners and other thought leaders. So, I bottled up my methods into a deck. The salespeople I have trained are now using Twitter and most of them have booked atleast one appointment as a result.

    PS. I know the deck is hideous. Based on my previous experience of releasing half-baked ideas and letting other people build on them, I'm releasing it in it's hideous state. Take it and use at your will. Feel free to improve it.

    PPS. Our product team is working on some cool things to make this process even easier for salespeople. Stay tuned.

    PPPS: [Update 12/13/2012] Douglas Burdett has shared a few links with me on this subject. I love this example of 'social prospecting' gone wrong. Will add that to V2 of the deck. And here's a great one from Hootsuite on how Twitter can help your salesteam. If you have more suggestions, tweet them to me @pc4media.

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