How to Market Your Marketing Agency

    Posted by Peter Caputa on Oct 9, 2012 12:46:00 PM

    I'll be speaking today at BOLO 2012 with Chris Knipper (@ChrisKnipper), Founder of Kuno Creative. We're delivering, "How to Market Your Marketing Agency Using Inbound Marketing". Slides are below.

    Here are links to resources we reference in the presentation.

    1. What is Inbound Marketing?
    2. Business Blogging eBook
    3. Lead Generation eBook
    4. Email Marketing eBook
    5. Closed Loop Marketing Analytics eBook
    6. Lead Generation Lessons from 4k Customers (My presentation includes updated data that HubSpot hasn't published yet.)
    7. 4 Core Services of Inbound Marketing
    8. State of the Marketing Services Industry
    9. Content Marketing Manifesto
    10. Kuno Creative's Services Package and Pricing

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