Inbound Networking Groups Are Forming

    Posted by Peter Caputa on Jun 22, 2012 5:12:00 PM

    Today, I held a session with 12 agency owners to discuss how they can form 'Inbound Networking' Groups. Everyone shared their background and what excites them about the Inbound Networking concept. I presented my ideas about how to make this a win-win-win for agencies, their clients and HubSpot.
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    At the end, I asked "Who wanted to start a group?" 3 people raised their hand and committed. With 2 other leaders committed (who weren't on the call), that brings us to 5. I look forward to starting to flesh out the concept more with our 5 inaugural group leaders. I shared with the group that my goal is to launch 20 groups in the next 2 months. So, I'll be continuing the Friday sessions for those who are still interested. Leave a comment if you didn't receive an invite and are considering starting a group.

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