Should Social Media Marketers Be Required to Get a Certification?

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Oct 10, 2008 9:45:00 PM

    From Ghennipher:

    Some social media marketing detractors speak against the need for a professional standard to this medium since its ruled by customers. But as a consultant, I look at things from both the business' and the customer's viewpoint. Businesses are completely like a fish out of water and frustrated when they see customers lamblasting their brand all over social networks. So they generally either bury their heads in the sand and throw money at their interactive agency to create more digital advertising, or bravely create social network accounts and sometimes anonomously get involved in a negative discussion about their brand and try to change opinions - unknown and with no authority, so often to be found out - heaping even more dirt on a struggling brand. Don't think this won't happen with you or your clients - some of the biggest brands in the US fell into this trap.

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