Social Media Doesn't Matter

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Oct 8, 2008 9:29:00 AM

    Considering that I've been passionate about social software since 2004, you wouldn't think you'd ever see a headline like that on my blog, ha?

    Via a tweet from Ellie Mirman, I read an article written by Chris Brogan,  a force behind  adoption of social media in business.

    His article was about how social media isn't that important... in the scheme of things... in most people's lives. And that the people living in the social media world need to remember that. 

    A specific paragraph in his post inspired me to echo his sentiments:

    I met a master salesman this year who sells products that cost more than double my annual salary. He's reasonably new to social media and the web, but he could teach me more about qualifying, prospecting, nurturing, and closing a sale than I could about blogging. 

    I totally agree with Chris. In most people's worlds, social media doesn't impact them. It probably won't impact them significantly for atleast another year or so, even if they adopt use of it today. 

    If they don't adopt now,  though... when their buyers become the 25 year olds of today, they'll be in trouble then. But right now it's not that important. 

    What is important is that smart people like the salesman mentioned above adopt and use these sites and technologies and can teach us how to apply hard won business lessons to them. 

    There are many inexperienced "entrepreneurs" that I know first hand, who seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of social media, trying to make a quick buck. They'd be served well if they took the time to learn that their MBA and youthful energy will be unlikely to deliver them Zuckerberg status. They'd be well served by learning how to "help people solve real problems" and "to act always in the best interest of their clients" like I'm sure the salesman mentioned above knows how to do. 

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