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    Posted by Pete Caputa on Aug 13, 2008 8:55:00 AM

    Brook Group is a client of mine. (Advice from Kara Brook.) They are also a great partner and we have a bunch of mutual clients. One of them is HaloPets. I've been advising Kara all along about how to help her clients generate more traffic, leads and sales from their online marketing.

    We were talking about the Halo Pets Organic Pet Food blog the other day. Specifically, we were talking about the style of writing, as well as how to use the blog strategically to increase traffic from search engines.

    A blog is a great SEO tool. Many people blog and just stuff their keywords in it. That doesn't quite do it, although as Rick Barnes mentions, traffic to a blog from SEO should justify the time spent on blogging. A successful blogger also engages with their audience. They spend as much time reading other blogs, leaving comments on other blogs, linking to other blogs, etc. This helps them grow their own readership faster, generate more comments from others on their own blog and get more links pointing to their site. All of these activities will help drive direct traffic, as well as increase the amount of traffic from search engines (because of the new inbound links).

    Humans have this strange interest in connecting with humans through common interests. Yeah. I know. It's not that strange. I'm being sarcastic. But, most new business bloggers don't realize that blogging is about a conversation.

    Not every blogger is great at this. It takes a knack for storytelling, relating and listening that few souls have. One of those souls who has it, is one of my best friends, Amy Breton. I've blogged about her before. But, I also connected Amy and Kara and Kara recruited her to write for the HaloPets blog. Amy has a great knack for storytelling and an amazing knack for connecting to animals and humans, alike.

    Here's a video that the Boston Globe recently produced about Amy and her husband owning the oldest living rabbit, Guinness approved.

    Here's Amy bio on the HaloPets blog. And here's an article that Amy wrote about why dogs eat poop. If you don't plan to read the whole article, you should know that it's generally ok that dogs eat their own poop. You shouldn't though.

    Read Amy's writing. You'll see the passion. Take a bit deeper look and you'll realize that Amy's articles get more Digg mentions, as well as a few more comments than the average post on HaloPets. I expect that to increase in time, since HaloPets is now a group blog with a lot of interesting writers, and Kara's team is smart about networking online.

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