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    Posted by Pete Caputa on Aug 8, 2008 10:07:00 AM

    Tony and Jeni at Anthony Cole Sales Training Group have shared some funny sales stories.

    I'm racking my brain for a good one to share as a salesguy.

    I have a crazy one to share as a buyer.

    When my wife and I bought our house, we needed to buy a mattress for our spare room. Since the most use it would get would be when family is visiting on the weekend, we didn't want to spend a lot on it. We also didn't want one that was going to disintegrate in a year. But, price was certainly the most important factor.

    So, we went to Mattress Giant. Here's the conversation as I can recall it:

    Me: Could you point us to your cheapest mattresses?
    Salesguy: We have a mattress over here that is $550. Try this one. [Amy lays down.]
    Amy: This isn't bad.
    Other Salesguy with other customers to Our Salesguy [from a few feet away]: Are you selling that one? Do we have more than one of those left in stock?
    Our Salesguy to other Salesguy: I think this is the last one.
    Salesguy to us: Do you guys want this one? This is the last one. I can give you a good deal on it. Probably knock $50 off of it.
    Me: This is the cheapest mattress you have?
    Salesguy: No. We have cheaper ones.
    Me: Could you point us to the least expensive one?
    Salesguy: It's over there. [He points and walks away.] [We go over and lay down. Amy and I agree that it's fine.]
    Me: [Had to go interrupt him from doodling on his computer twenty feet away.] How much is the cheapest one?
    Salesguy: It's $300, but I don't know why you'd buy that one. The $500 one is going to last a lot longer. The cheap one isn't going to hold up.
    Me: I'm looking for a mattress for a spare room. It'll rarely be used.
    Salesguy: Well, I guess if you don't care about the people sleeping on it, it's fine. [I give him ridiculous look. Can't believe I'm actually still talking to him.]
    Me: Can you give us a minute to talk about it?
    Amy: Are you sure the cheap one is ok? [My wife is falling for this asshole's sales moves.]
    Me [to Amy]: It's fine. This guy just doesn't make as much commission if he sells this one. So, he wants us to buy the more expensive one. They wouldn't have it in the store if it wasn't going to last.
    Salesguy: [Walks back over interrupting our conversation.] You know you can go on craigslist if you want to find a cheap mattress?
    Me: I don't want a used mattress. I want a cheap one. We'll take the $300 one. Can you write us up?
    Salesguy: Sure. [Walks over to his computer.] [I presume I have to follow him and do.] [Amy and I sit down.] You want the $550 one right?
    Me: No. We want the $300 one.
    Salesguy: Ok.
    Me: When can we have this delivered? [My parents are visiting the following weekend.]
    Salesguy: I have to look that up. But, we do deliveries every day. Do you guys want to add the stainguard cover? It's an extra $120.
    Me: No.
    Salesguy: Do you need a base for the bed?
    Me: Yes.
    [There was one other add on thing he tried to upsell us.]
    Salesguy: Are you sure you don't want the slightly more expensive better one?
    Me: Yes, I'm sure [insert his first name].

    To top it all off, the guy checked off that we didn't need a base for the bed. The guys that delivered it, had to go back and get us one.

    And for the record, the mattress is just fine. When Peter was born and Amy was nursing him in our bed, I slept in it a few times. And my parents, Amy's parents and my sisters and brother in laws have slept in it. They get good night sleeps. They know we care about them.

    Do you have a funny sales story?

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