Lenticular Printing - Like Animated Gifs on Paper

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Jul 29, 2008 12:59:00 PM

    I've been talking to Alex West from RR Donnelly recently. She sent me examples of lenticular printing so I could see what she does.

    See the animiated gif above. Lenticular printing actually makes that happen on paper. It requires 3D Photography to make it happen.

    I'm more of an internet marketing guy. I don't usually blog about this kind of stuff. I've had slight departures - talking about trade show marketing and direct mail. However, I'm fairly immune to being "marketed to". I usually find what I need and discover new stuff online.

    But, this was a little too cool not to share. (My 20 something coworkers were fighting over the martini glass print.) If I received something like this in the mail, I'd probably actually read it. Apparently, based on Alex's lenticular printing marketing case studies, I'm not the only one.

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