"Best Blow Off on a Sales Call" The Nominees are...

    Posted by Pete Caputa on May 7, 2008 3:36:00 PM

    I called a person who downloaded our internet marketing kit today.

    Here's an excerpt of the call.

    Him: I understand you can't really tell me how your service can help me unless I tell you what I'm doing now and what I need. But, unless I know how your service is different from what I'm doing now, I don't really want to spend that time telling you what I'm doing now.

    Me: Would you like me to call at another time?

    Him: Can you send me an email with what it is you do differently?

    Me: Are you interested? I don't want to go through that effort unless you have a need.  

    Him: Yes. We're interested in traffic. We're ultimately interested in new customers.

    Me: I will send you a few links to things you can read. You'll learn how we are different and how we have helped other clients.

    Him: Sounds great.

    In between there, I told him that it was the best "blow off" ever. Most people will just lie or get belligerent. He was actually "busy" and I believed him.

    I'm going to send him to read our internet marketing case studies, about our internet marketing software and training. And then, I think he should read this article I wrote about how to use a blog to improve your sales process and this one about time being the most important part of anyone's internet marketing strategy.

    Actually, I'll just send him to this post.

    I find that clients who are most successful allow me to be the expert and help them solve their problems. Some people want to figure it on their own through reading. I'm not sure that works as effectively as talking to someone who has years of experience helping hundreds of clients. But, who am I to challenge it?

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