How to Generate Leads from Direct Mail

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Apr 24, 2008 9:47:00 AM

    Although I'm an internet marketing guy at heart, if I had to choose another effective way to reach my market, I'd choose trade shows and direct mail. If it works for you, I wouldn't recommend stopping outbound marketing techniques. If they're done right, trade shows and direct mail alllow a marketer to target a market and measure results and ROI. If you can afford the investments, need to grow faster and your competitors are doing it, I don't think you can afford not to leverage these methods.

    Doug is a life long direct marketing man and one of the shining online marketing stars in my growing online business network. He wrote a great post on his blog about how to generate leads from direct mail. There's a lot more detail on his post. Here are the highlights.

    • Carefully target your audience.
    • Buy Mailing Lists
    • Focus on your Customer's Needs and solve their most irritating issue. Don't focus on your product.
    • Always stress Benefits.
    • Immediately Seize the reader's attention! Use an Impactful headline or first sentence.
    • Never end a sentence at the bottom of a page in a sales letter.
    • Share some "inside" information.
    • Feature the offer.
    • Give something away for FREE or Run a contest.
    • Use a special "before the price increases" offer.
    • Make a time-limited offer.
    • Base your offer on a limited supply.
    • Offer a special deal to the first 100 people who order.
    • Make a "last chance" offer.
    • "Buy 1 get 1 FREE" always out pulls "2 for the price of 1."

    Read his full post.


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