Blog as a Sales Tool

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Apr 10, 2008 5:07:00 PM

    I wrote a post over at the HubSpot blog with tips on how to use your blog as a sales tool. Leave a comment over there if you have thoughts to share.

    Here's the Summary: 

    1. Subscribers Sell Themselve
    2. Answering Questions with Blog Posts.
    3. Invite Prospects to Write Guest Blog Posts.
    4. Highlight Your Client's Success. They'll Send It To Their Mom (and Everyone Else).
    5. Ask Your Prospects for Feedback in the Comments.
    6. Link to Your Prospect's Blog. Send Them Some Readers.
    7. Build a Community of Clients, Prospects and Partners On Your Blog.
    8. Track What Prospects Read, What Comments They Leave, How Often They Visit.
    9. Be a Resource. Link to Other Relevant Articles.
    10. Promote Your Blog Via Email.
    11. Promote Your Blog Via Social Media and Social Networking Sites.
    12. Blogging Supports Search Engine Optimization.
    13. Blogging Creates a Discussion and You're the Host 

    Topics: blogging for business, sales, blogging

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