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    Posted by Pete Caputa on Apr 10, 2008 7:49:00 PM

    Here are recent blog posts from PC4Media members. A bunch more members are working on launching their blogs. I'm not sure I'll do this every week. Probably once/month or every other week.

    Sales and Marketing

    B2B Direct Mail Strategies

    Are your salespeople memorable?

    Best Sales Advice in a Single Sentence

    Establish Expertise through Speaking Engagements

    Social Media Marketing

    Why 50 Cent is Smarter Than Most Fortune 500 CEOs

    Positivity = Productivity

    Everything Flows From the Message

    Humorous History of Direct Marketing (Part II)

    Who's the Real Beneficiary of a Good Referral?

    Arbor Day Joins Facebook 

    Health, Wellness, Medicine, Safety

    Asian Nose Aesthetic Surgery

    Quick, Comfortable, Pain Free Removal of Hemerrhoids

    Soy Protein Powders

    Why are AED Programs So Important?

    In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) Stickers And Their Importance

    Eliminating Pet Obesity

    Construction, Real Estate

    3 Quote Experiment

    Why You Need a HomeStead Act to Protect Your Home

    HomeOwner Supplied Products Installed By The Contractor

    Travel, Entertainment, Sports

    Things to Do in Franklin, NC

    Ellsbury on the Bench 


    Retail Stock in After Hours Trading

    Solar Stocks

    I tried to categorize members into well, categories. Some are a little bit of a stretch. The sales and marketing category is obviously the strongest. There'll be one new entrant into the sale category soon, one more in the construction and one more in the travel. And my wife will be joining the health and wellness group. There's a few more that will be in different categories.

    I'd like to find more blog buddies for my members. So, if you know of someone that does "similar" stuff as the businesses above, please send them a link to this post. They should start here.

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