How to Generate Leads at Trade Shows - HUG All Prospects Masterfully!

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Apr 14, 2008 11:24:00 AM

    Previously, my trade show expert buddies, Jason Kallio and Frank Damelio posted a guest blog post about what not to do when exhibiting at a trade show. Here's their insights about what TO DO:

    Now we want to show you how to handle the traffic so you maximize leads. To do this you have to HUG All Prospects Masterfully.

    H - Handshake: With a smile and extended hand you can increase your leads by up to 50%. Your hand will be left hanging in the air on occasion, but it's not personal.
    U - Use their name like you know them: This is the easiest way to stop someone dead in their tracks. Name badges are your best friend at a show.
    G - Give a gift: Make sure to hand them a gift not let them grab it from a pile. The value of the gift is that they now feel they owe you a little bit of their time.
    A - Ask qualifying questions: Avoid benefit dumping. Have rehearsed questions designed to quickly find their pain.
    P - Plan of action: It is critical to post-show follow up that you agree to the next step with qualified attendees before they leave your booth.
    M - Move them along: A trade show is a perishable investment. This is not the time to build the entire relationship. Spending too much time with one visitor costs you multiple leads.

    Between part 1 and part 2, we have given you 10 tips that do not cost a penny. Using these is the cheapest fastest way for you to get more leads.

    Jason and Frank are experts at trade shows. They plan to write another guest post that talks about the systems they use at trade shows.

    Do you have a system for qualifying, collecting, following up and tracking sales from your trade show leads? That's what they'll be blogging about next.

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