Calacanis, Schefren, Gitomer, Godin.... Throwing Down the Gauntlet

    Posted by Pete Caputa on Jan 28, 2008 7:45:00 PM

    There's a few slightly larger than life people, that don't really run in the same circles, that I admire. I haven't necessarily drawn inspiration from them, I don't think. I think I've arrived here more because of things I've done in the past. But, they're all very well known for what they do. And I see a piece of what they do in what I'm doing with PC4Media. And I am sure, atleast on a subconscious level, they've inspired me.

    Calacanis: Here's his most recent post, of which, I'm afraid I might be getting lumped into the "knowledgeable skeptics" group. I admire Jason because he builds scalable online businesses that engages the distributed work of people. There aren't many people that know how to do this. He's a master of people, media and tech. I'm good at this. But, not yet a master. I've also given Jason alot of shit over the years through my blog. But, it's all out of respect with a health dose of jealousy. Jason pioneered the concept of the blog network. He did it with high quality paid writers. I am creating a blog network of business owners who are paying me to help them reach a larger audience.

    Schefren: I know his name. I get his email blasts, which I'm sure go to 10s if not 100s of thousands of people. But, I probably only ever visited his website twice before. Ironically, he uses a lot of the words I use, such as "Business Growth". I also know that he's good at building networks of people who are helping themselves - and him - at the same time. He pioneered the concept of being an "internet marketing coach". I prefer advisor, but clients tell me I make a good coach. Mostly because I don't let them get away with slacking.

    Gitomer: I could have written, "The Little Black Book of Connections". But I didn't. And I wouldn't have done it as well as he did. I missed his seminar when he came to Boston, as my son was born the day before. Peter Moran got me a signed copy of it, though. It says inside, "Congrats on being a dad." How cool is that? PC4Media is all about building a network of businesses that help each other. I hope Jeff will be proud. Jeff's motto is not to sell people things, but to help them buy. Although I learned how to do this from Rick, Jeff is the pioneer.

    Godin: Another one I've given a lot of shit to. But, IdeaVirus and Permission Marketing were one of the first "internet marketing" books I've read.  And Seth is a master viral marketer. He might be riding his past success, but as long as the wave still carries the board, why not? I don't know a thought leader that has had a longer run than him. And he did pioneer the switch from interruption marketing to permission marketing. So, credit where credit is due... I might not be doing the things I do, if it weren't for Seth.

    Regarding the gauntlet, my first step in playing in these guys' leagues, is to get my site competing with theirs, atleast in terms of a website grade.

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